PCOR-ANZ is coordinated centrally at Monash University’s Alfred Centre Campus (Melbourne). It is governed by a Steering Committee which provides strategic decision-making activities and oversees successful delivery of the project.


David RoderProf David Roder


Chair of Cancer Epidemiology & Population Health, University of South Australia

A/Prof Sue Evans


Head of Clinical Registries Unit, SPHPM, Monash University

Prof David Currow

Quality of Care Expert

Chief Cancer Officer and CEO, Cancer Institute

A/Prof David Smith


Research Fellow, Cancer Council

A/Prof Tony Walker


Chief Executive Officer, Ambulance Victoria

Dr Craig White

Medical Administrator


Prof Ian Davis

Medical Oncologist

Senior Oncologist, Eastern Health

Prof Warick Delprado


Director (Histopathology), Douglass Hanly Moir

Dr Marketa Skala


Senior Radiation Oncologist, Royal Hobart Hospital

Dr Peter Heathcote


Senior Urologist, Brisbane Urology Clinic

Prof John McNeil

Custodian Representative

Head of Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University

Dr Mark Frydenberg

Custodian Representative

Chair of the Department of Urology, Monash Medical Centre

Mr Paul Villanti


Executive Director, Programs, Movember Foundation

A/Prof Jeremy Millar


Director of Radiation Oncology, Alfred Health

A/Prof Hany Elsaleh


Staff Specialist Canberra Hospital, Australian National University

A/Prof Andrew Brooks


Staff Specialist Canberra Hospital, Australian National University

Mr Paolo De Ieso


Radiation Oncologist, Northern Territory Radiation Oncology

Mr Stephen Mark


Consultant Urologist, Urology Associates

Dr David Pryor


Radiation Oncologist, Greenslopes Private Hospital and Princess Alexandra Hospital

A/Prof Kim Moretti


Head of Urology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital


PCOR-ANZ has been approved by the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (MUHREC).

If you wish to contact someone, independent of PCOR-ANZ, about ethical issues or your rights or to make a complaint, you may contact the Monash University Executive Officer on +61 3 990 52052 or via email, quoting project number CF14/1693 – 2014000832.


PCOR-ANZ is housed in two locations at Monash University. The Monash Registry Database security is maintained using encryption of data, a managed and audited protocol for access, training and accreditation of personnel, and role-based access and authentication of data.

Monash Registry Databases are housed and managed in an ISO 27001 certified environment. The ISO 27001 certification incorporates the Privacy Act (1988) and Health Records Act (2001) within its Applicability Statement. External hosts would be expected to have similar Acts incorporated into their Applicability Statement.

Access to information collected by PCOR-ANZ is subject to strict protocols and procedures to ensure that privacy, confidentiality and ethical principles are maintained at all times. The provision of data will be subject to an agreed ethics protocol that will be submitted to relevant organisations such as hospitals and cancer registries.


PCOR-ANZ encourages the use of de-identified data for a variety of purposes such as quality improvement projects, research, and clinical planning.

Access to data is guided by strict protocols and procedures to ensure that the privacy of men and other ethical principles are maintained at all times.

Use the Data Access Policy to further understand issues relating to data access. Complete the Data Access Request form (link coming soon!) for your request for data to be considered by the PCOR-ANZ Steering Committee. For now please contact us at for questions relating to the Data Access Policy.




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